Windy day on Mississippi Lake

Went out Sunday morning on Mississippi Lake in the breezy conditions (40-60km/hr) and it was a beautiful day. Launched from the Loon Lane ramp and went south on the lake for an hour and a half and hopped around the small island chains on the south east side of the lake. Had a few stretches of 2ft waves that the Pungo handled very well. After a short nap in the lee of one of the islands


I decided to surf the boat down the lake in the now 2-3ft waves and take advantage of the wind.

The Pungo handled the downwind surfing very well. I was able to catch and ride a few waves for a while and the boat didn’t try to immediately broach. Unfortunately the boat suddenly started to get very sluggish about 2/3 of the way down the lake and was starting to dig the bow in and want to pitch pole. When I got back to the launch ramp there was 10″ of water in the forward hatch. After some investigation it looks like I have a serious leak in the forward hatch so I’m off to Trailhead on Monday to see if they have some replacement seals for the hatch. Otherwise a fantastic day.

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