Being Radical, Murphy Radical that is!

After surveying the current fleet of available kitplanes with solid backing I was able to identify the best value that would meet my mission:

  • Reasonable STOL performance
  • Ability to install floats and skis
  • Can carry both of us, two German Shepherds and camping gear
  • Reasonable cruise for cross-country work
  • Manageable operating costs
  • Metal primary structure
  • Modern design
  • Proven design with lots of built examples or derivative

After looking at all of the kits currently available I’ve decided on the Murphy Radical by Murphy Aviation. I’ve always been interested in the airplanes that Murphy makes and they are a solid Canadian company who also happen to be 5 minutes drive from a bunch of my west coast relatives in Chilliwack, BC. The Radical is a modern design and is manufactured using state-of-the-art laser cutting that will ensure a well aligned and durable airplane.

I’ve put down my deposit on the stage 1 kit and am eagerly awaiting the first shipment in November.

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